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Upcoming Events

  • Apr 6
    First Thursday Street Gallery Apr 06
  • Apr 6
    First Thursday Street Gallery Apr 06

Today’s Events

  • Jul 27
    Shannon Weber, Chi Meredith, Michael Kurz
    Jul 27 to Aug 27
    @Guardino Gallery
  • Jul 29
    Mad Pursuit: Exploring Science through the Lens of Art
    Jul 29 to Aug 23
    @Ford Gallery
  • Aug 4
    Breaking the Mold
    Aug 04 to Sep 23
    @Eutectic Gallery
  • Aug 4
    Dolls & Clowns
    Aug 04 to Sep 29
  • Aug 4
    Jean Schwalbe
    Aug 04 to Aug 26
    @Attic Gallery
  • Aug 12
    Scratching the Surface
    Aug 12 to Sep 02
    @Verum Ultimum Gallery


Dawn Cabigting, Painter

Contemporary artist specializing in acrylic painting
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Ever since I can remember I have interpreted the world, emotions and concepts through visual images. Every feeling and thought becomes a picture. The day my brush hit a canvas, I felt FREE.. Finally a language that my soul could speak in. My art is inspired by LIFE. It's simply a visual journal. I can bring your experience and emotion to life with a little paint and a canvas. Let's build :)